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7 Easy Part Time Jobs

If you could have any part-time job, what would it be? If you are a busy person looking for some side cash, you probably want something that isn’t mentally or physically taxing.
Here are seven easy jobs you can do part-time:

1. Paper Delivery Person
To be a paper delivery person, you must be someone that loves the early mornings. It’s not involving at all. All you have to do is load newspapers and drive around your given neighborhood, and get all the papers to the readers. This is a particularly good job for those who love some alone time.

2. Pizza Delivery
Pizza delivery is such a great part-time job that it’s recommended for those looking to get out of debt by getting a second job. It’s just as easy as newspaper delivery and if you can make your runs quickly, you might just get some good tips. The most work is in the evenings and on weekends, so you should make some time during those periods.

3. Slow Retail Store
Busy retail stores like Target or Walmart do not fit this bill. Working there can be hectic and that’s not easy. A great option would be a small store probably in a strip mall. Most times are slow and laid-back, although busy pulses will be there. A good number of these stores are air-conditioned which makes the environment pretty pleasant.

4. Tutor
You don’t have to be an Einstein to be a tutor. It’s not just about science or math. If you are good at anything, say, drawing, playing a musical instrument, or even singing, you can teach people for a fee. The good thing about becoming a tutor is the flexibility with which it can be done. You can set your own hours and work from your home if you please.

5. Babysitter
Babysitting may not be exactly easy, but if you have a young child, what hurt could looking after another one be? If you still think the challenge is too much, you might want to go for overnight babysitting. The good part about this is that both the child and you will most likely be sleeping and still get paid.

6. House Sitter
As a house sitter, you basically look after another person’s house while they are away. It’s just like living your usual life only in a different house and getting money for it. You can even take it as a free vacation which loads your bank account instead of draining it. Win-win!

7. Certain Night-Shift Jobs
Some jobs are much easier when done during the night than the day. Even an easy shop like Walmart is usually far less hectic during the night. If you are looking for an easy part-time job and can manage to stay up at night, you might want to consider a night-shift job.

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