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For a lot of money-savers out there, frugality is not just about money saving, it is more of a lifestyle for them to accomplish their long term goals by saving money. After a brief research on the internet, reading a lot of blog posts by frugality experts and discussing matters with financial experts, we have come up with these tips that can help you make your life more frugal in order to save money.

1- Try to recycle and reuse your stuff
When you start recycling and reusing your old stuff, you not only save money on buying new stuff but you also get a viable alternative to using your old one. One of the cheapskate-ing experts, Jeff Yeager who has a lot of tricks up his sleeves also suggests that you reuse the “sleeves” of your old button-up shirt by cutting off the sleeves and buttoning it together. You get a new coffee cup sleeve t-shirt which can also be used as a great gift. Be creative with your stuff, learn new ways to reuse and re-purpose your old stuff.

2- Never buy something if you don’t get the lowest price
When you are out shopping looking for some new stuff, it is always a great idea to go shop to shop and learn about the best available offer. It can be time-consuming but it pays off in terms of money. When you get a bid for a specific product from different retailers, you get an idea about the basic price range of that product which not only lets you choose the best but at the lowest price possible. According to some experts, it’s always a good idea to go for a product that is offered in a mid-level range which means not too cheap and not too expensive; it ensures that you don’t end up with a bad item.

3- Buy high-quality secondhand things
A lot of frugality experts would know that it is always a great idea to buy a high-quality second-hand product than to buy a low-quality new one. For example, let’s assume there are a cellphone brand, a cheap-quality brand, and a high-quality one. Although it might seem that buying the cheap-quality brand will save you money and you would get to go home with a brand new thing but that will not work well for you. It might seem reasonable to purchase a cheap brand for just a couple of pounds more than a high-quality second-hand brand being sold but on a longer run the life expectancy of the high-quality brand will not only kick the cheap ones out of the picture but it will also save you those pounds on the purchase. High-quality second-hand brand purchase that you should make can be of these items like cars, mobile phones, computers, furniture, and even clothes.

4- Use Free Stuff Sites
Many times I have find my self looking for hours trying to find the latest free samples, and come across top UK sites that offer a huge range of freebies as well as coupons. So use Google, then you can see how frugal you can be, by ordering loads of samples before you buy the actual products, even some samples come with coupon codes.

Frugal Blog

If you’re one of those people who find themselves spending more money than they should on groceries every month, you definitely are not alone. Most people face the same problem all over the country. We all need to eat and that’s okay. But this doesn’t mean we have to be spending more than our budget allows.
What if there was a way to spend less money on groceries without reducing their actual quantity? Well, as impossible as it may sound, this is actually very much doable.

Take a look at these three steps you can take to save you some cash:

1. Shop at Budget Stores
Instead of leaving piles of cash at your regular store, try some of those groceries that offer low prices. Although you don’t have to do all your shopping at budget stores, you can greatly cushion your grocery budget by getting a few items from there. There is a misconception that these stores offer lower quality items. The truth is they actually have the very brands you think are the best quality. The downside is that you may have to make a couple more stops every time you are out shopping.

2. Use Coupons
Some decades ago, coupons had the disadvantage of requiring you to buy a newspaper just to get and clip them. Today the case is very different.
The internet has brought with it the ability for you to search for coupons and print them. There are coupons for anything you might need including pet supplies, food, toiletries, and a lot more. All you have to do is do the searching.
Print out as many as your eyes can find. You don’t even have to be shy about it. Although you may not use them soon, having a good number of options is always great. You have to bear in mind, though, that coupons have expiration dates.

3. Shop With a Full Stomach
Although this may be hard for some people to believe, shopping on an empty stomach increases your chances to reach for anything that looks good, even if you may not exactly need it. When you are full, your shopping becomes more reasonable and less impulsive.
Try this for yourself and see how much you will save on groceries.

Just because some people think groceries are an absolute necessity, they tend to overlook the fact that they are spending way too much on them. Indeed they are necessities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money. Most ways of saving don’t even need you to reduce the quality of your food.

Extra Income

If you could have any part-time job, what would it be? If you are a busy person looking for some side cash, you probably want something that isn’t mentally or physically taxing.
Here are seven easy jobs you can do part-time:

1. Paper Delivery Person
To be a paper delivery person, you must be someone that loves the early mornings. It’s not involving at all. All you have to do is load newspapers and drive around your given neighborhood, and get all the papers to the readers. This is a particularly good job for those who love some alone time.

2. Pizza Delivery
Pizza delivery is such a great part-time job that it’s recommended for those looking to get out of debt by getting a second job. It’s just as easy as newspaper delivery and if you can make your runs quickly, you might just get some good tips. The most work is in the evenings and on weekends, so you should make some time during those periods.

3. Slow Retail Store
Busy retail stores like Target or Walmart do not fit this bill. Working there can be hectic and that’s not easy. A great option would be a small store probably in a strip mall. Most times are slow and laid-back, although busy pulses will be there. A good number of these stores are air-conditioned which makes the environment pretty pleasant.

4. Tutor
You don’t have to be an Einstein to be a tutor. It’s not just about science or math. If you are good at anything, say, drawing, playing a musical instrument, or even singing, you can teach people for a fee. The good thing about becoming a tutor is the flexibility with which it can be done. You can set your own hours and work from your home if you please.

5. Babysitter
Babysitting may not be exactly easy, but if you have a young child, what hurt could looking after another one be? If you still think the challenge is too much, you might want to go for overnight babysitting. The good part about this is that both the child and you will most likely be sleeping and still get paid.

6. House Sitter
As a house sitter, you basically look after another person’s house while they are away. It’s just like living your usual life only in a different house and getting money for it. You can even take it as a free vacation which loads your bank account instead of draining it. Win-win!

7. Certain Night-Shift Jobs
Some jobs are much easier when done during the night than the day. Even an easy shop like Walmart is usually far less hectic during the night. If you are looking for an easy part-time job and can manage to stay up at night, you might want to consider a night-shift job.

Frugal Blog

Saving money is more about creativity than it is about following certain rules. For example, with a touch of out-of-the-box thinking, you can turn those glass jars that hold spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise, olives, and other stuff into different useful containers.
This is a good idea if you do not have recycling bins around and are conscious about the environment’s plight.
Glass jars can be substantial money savers in an eco-friendly manner. Here are a couple of ways you can do this.

Measuring Cups
Some glass jars have measurement markings in different units to indicate volume. These can be handy when cooking. You can get the same kind of jar for two or three bucks. But why when you can have it for free?

Trendy drinking jars
Once in a while, you can use the empty jars as drinking cups for novelty’s sake. In fact, in South Beach, there is one bar where old jars are used to serve drinks to customers.

Pen and marker holders
Empty used jars make the effect pen and marker holder. You can also other school pieces like crayon and such things which kids usually lose.

Emergency cash bank
Loose coins are always on the move, rolling under the couch and what not. Why not use your empty jar to make a bank? The coins will add up can be used in an emergency.

Other uses
They can be used to store a wide range of loose small items like buttons, small toys, marbles, and even earrings plus other accessories.

Free Stuff Blog

1. Free Stuff Create a Buzz
In the modern world, news travels fast. Within a short period of time, people start sharing information about your free samples on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It is not unlikely to see people making plans to get to the giveaway before the actual day. Everyone loves freebies, and that’s the bottom-line. Plus, if they get a recommendation from a friend, they are willing to pay more. That’s how powerful social media can be.

2. Get People To Try Your Product Without Any Risk
This usually applies if you want to introduce the world to a unique product. If it’s something they have never tried before, people will be reluctant to pay for it. Making it free gives your product exposure to potential customers. That’s why most businesses like gyms, ballet classes, and yoga studios offer one-day free access to would-be customers. The whole idea is that once people try and love it, they will likely come back for more, and recommend it to others.

3. It’s a Way to Hook Your Customers
Once customers get to your business, chances are that they’ll buy not just the free stuff, but other items as well. That’s why some restaurants have days when they offer free meals to kids. They know that kids don’t come alone but with their parents. Since the meal of a kid does not cost much, it is negligible compared to what the parents will pay for theirs.

4. Customer Are More Tolerant If There’s Something Free
For a new business still going through hoops setting everything up, freebies might make the difference between customers leaving in a huff, and waiting patiently as your employees bump around. People are more tolerant if they know they have something free to gain. The key is not to overdo it as some customers might leave and spread the world about your horrible service.

5. Positive Brand Association
Getting something for free is a wonderful experience. It brightens people’s days and if you can manage to incite such feelings in them, they will look at your brand in a more positive light. Whenever they see your brand, they’ll associate it with happy feelings.
Sometimes, it may not even be about the cost of the free stuff. For example, getting a free appetizer will be more appreciated than getting say, 15% off an expensive meal. The dollar amount off the meal might be more than the appetizer, but the completely free item will give the customer more positive feelings.

6. Helps Build a Buying Habit
Whenever a customer gets a free sample and likes it, they’ll most likely go all the way and try out your business. Once they have, you can expect them to come back again and again if the experience is positive. Experience has shown that getting a new customer is more difficult than maintain a new one. That’s because a habit has already been established and they’re comfortable with it.
One of the hardest parts of running a business is generating traffic, whether it’s a website or a brick and motor business. Once your location is on their map, you will secure more business from them.