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Effective Tips for a more Fugal Life

For a lot of money-savers out there, frugality is not just about money saving, it is more of a lifestyle for them to accomplish their long term goals by saving money. After a brief research on the internet, reading a lot of blog posts by frugality experts and discussing matters with financial experts, we have come up with these tips that can help you make your life more frugal in order to save money.

1- Try to recycle and reuse your stuff
When you start recycling and reusing your old stuff, you not only save money on buying new stuff but you also get a viable alternative to using your old one. One of the cheapskate-ing experts, Jeff Yeager who has a lot of tricks up his sleeves also suggests that you reuse the “sleeves” of your old button-up shirt by cutting off the sleeves and buttoning it together. You get a new coffee cup sleeve t-shirt which can also be used as a great gift. Be creative with your stuff, learn new ways to reuse and re-purpose your old stuff.

2- Never buy something if you don’t get the lowest price
When you are out shopping looking for some new stuff, it is always a great idea to go shop to shop and learn about the best available offer. It can be time-consuming but it pays off in terms of money. When you get a bid for a specific product from different retailers, you get an idea about the basic price range of that product which not only lets you choose the best but at the lowest price possible. According to some experts, it’s always a good idea to go for a product that is offered in a mid-level range which means not too cheap and not too expensive; it ensures that you don’t end up with a bad item.

3- Buy high-quality secondhand things
A lot of frugality experts would know that it is always a great idea to buy a high-quality second-hand product than to buy a low-quality new one. For example, let’s assume there are a cellphone brand, a cheap-quality brand, and a high-quality one. Although it might seem that buying the cheap-quality brand will save you money and you would get to go home with a brand new thing but that will not work well for you. It might seem reasonable to purchase a cheap brand for just a couple of pounds more than a high-quality second-hand brand being sold but on a longer run the life expectancy of the high-quality brand will not only kick the cheap ones out of the picture but it will also save you those pounds on the purchase. High-quality second-hand brand purchase that you should make can be of these items like cars, mobile phones, computers, furniture, and even clothes.

4- Use Free Stuff Sites
Many times I have find my self looking for hours trying to find the latest free samples, and come across top UK sites that offer a huge range of freebies as well as coupons. So use Google, then you can see how frugal you can be, by ordering loads of samples before you buy the actual products, even some samples come with coupon codes.

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